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Visit SA

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Personalised tours for independent travellers

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin

Being a small owner managed tour business, which statistically, should have folded within the first 3 years, the fact that some 15 years of ongoing adaptation later “Visit SA” remains in business, seems to reinforce this Darwinian philosophy.

Essentially, Mervyn Sparks IS “Visit SA”, and whilst he is the Owner, Manager, Tourist Guide, Thinker, and Brains (controversial discussion point !) behind the Company, it is definitely not a one person organization.

The humanistic African philosophy of “UBUNTU” – “A person is a person through other people” – is an integral part of the “Visit SA” business culture. The various relationships that have developed over time, leading to regular, and consistently positive visitor feedback has become the Company’s strongest asset.

Innovative suggestions, regularly updated information on South Africa, and a commitment to provide information on whatever topics help to enlighten the outside world on this often misunderstood part of the planet, are all part of the services provided.

Golf Experiences

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Family Experiences

South Africa can offer many variations on the “Family Holiday” which can be innovati ...

Independent Travellers

South Africa can offer many variations on the “Family Holiday” which can be innovati ...

Themed Experiences

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Young and Young at Heart

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Cultural Experiences

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