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If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. Albert Einstein

Not too sure what dear old Albert had been smoking when he came up with that one, but the message is pretty clear, and to put it in the context of modern business – nothing is successful for ever, and innovative change is the hallmark of successful companies.

Therefore, rather interact with the working “brain cells” of Visit SA”, who not only will offer the traditional icons of South Africa, albeit in as different a way as possible from the “masses”, but more importantly will suggest, and actively encourage prospective visitors to experience more “under the radar” areas, and environments, where getting away from the Tourists is actively encouraged.

Innovative schedules coupled with user friendly accommodation choices, will strive to present genuine opportunities to interact with that most important of all assets, to any country, its people!

For those who prefer to stick with the tried and tested tourist trek way of experiencing a different country, then “Visit SA” can put you in touch with any number of Companies that continue to offer experiences that are at best traditionally bog standard, or at worst, so boringly “yesterday”…

“Visit SA” encourages visitors to consider the more “below the radar” destinations, and areas in this diverse country of ours. It is so gratifying to hear the genuinely heartfelt remark – “tourists don’t often come here do they ?” – which reinforces the decision to actively promote lesser known, but equally unique areas, and experiences.

As Alan Kay (Alan Who?) so succinctly put it:- “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”