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Being naturally “simple” has been second nature to the owner of Visit SA, Mervyn Sparks, and not through any gene pool deficiency at birth, but more through a desire to avoid complexity, which confuses him!

“Visit SA” specializes in the provision of private, tailor made holiday / touring schedules of South Africa, and neighbouring territories. There is a preference to engage personally with the potential visitor, more in the role of facilitator than “Dictator”. There’s enough of those in Africa already!

A combination of in depth local knowledge, and an always current store of relevant information, matched to visitor expectations, is the ideal combination for an enjoyable Southern Africa experience.

Interests might lay in Safari’s and Wildlife experiences, varied Scenic and natural Environments, Cultural and Historical insights, friendly People, value for Money, or “all of the above”. Whatever the requirement might be, South Africa has it, and “Visit SA” works with the potential visitor to satisfy ALL of them.

Whether one prefers a structured, driver guided experience, a more independent self drive option, or a combination of the two, the emphasis is on enjoyment, and relaxation. All schedules will combine activities, experiences, and enough appropriate leisure time to ensure a reasonable balance, and optimum use of time.